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Simply Auto: Car Maintenance & Mileage tracker app on PC/Mac

Author: Mobifolio

Score: 4.5

OS: Windows, OS X, 4.1 +

About Simply Auto: Car Maintenance & Mileage tracker app
★★★★★Best auto maintenance app I've used! one place to keep all your mileage & service info. Easy to use. Easy to add services, notes, & even receipts.
★★★★★ Great app for keeping track of mileage log, fuel log and car maintenance.
★★★★★ It’s the complete mileage tracking app. can be used for multiple vehicles and drivers. Great app overall.

Formerly Fuel Buddy, Simply Auto is a complete car management tool that helps you track all your vehicle’s data for multiple vehicles and drivers. It is a simple yet effective car logbook for your car maintenance log, fuel log, mileage log, etc.

Simply Auto is a gas mileage tracker app that provides accurate trip log using GPS tracker. It keeps business miles separate from personal ones, which makes it simple to have a mileage log that will be accepted by your business.

Who can use Simply Auto?
- Car lovers or enthusiast, who record, track and set reminders for their services.
- Those who want to track their mileage log, fuel consumption or fuel economy.
- Small or Medium Fleet Owners.
- A family that wants to keep track of their vehicle’s maintenance, vehicle expenses, fuel consumption, total trip log, etc.
- Uber, Lyft and other rideshares drivers.
- Self Employed individuals.

Manage your Car Maintenance and expenses
- This vehicle maintenance tracker helps you save money by keeping track of your - mileage, gas log, fuel efficiency, car services, service reminders, and car expenses.
- Capture and upload multiple receipts for fill-ups, services, and expenses at the time or later.
- Various stats and graphs available to track mileage, improve fuel efficiency, find fuel costs, track vehicle expenses, etc.
- Multiple settings are available to track your data (kilometer, mile, liter, gallon (US), gallon (UK), km/l, l/100kms, mpg (US), mpg (UK)).

Manage vehicle maintenance and expense reminders
- Based on time and/or mileage.
- You can set recurring service reminders or expense reminders.

Keep track of fuel log, fuel economy or fuel consumption and vehicle mileage
- Report with best/worst fuel efficiency. Easy to track conditions you were under were good or bad.
- Gas mileage (a.k.a. fuel economy or fuel mileage) calculation with multiple units support: MPG, gal/100mi, mi/L, km/gal, L/100km, km/L.
- The only fuel log that lets you track your car's fuel economy by Octane, Fuel Brand and Filling Station.

Mileage tracker/Track trip log records for Tax-Deduction
- All trips accurately tracked by our smart mileage tracker app.
- Categorize trips into business, personal or any other categories.
- You can manually or automatically track your trips (with GPS).
- Register your trip and see its real cost with some summary and map preview.

Share and Sync Data with Multiple Drivers
- Share data instantly with multiple drivers sharing vehicles
- Ability to sync with iOS devices.

Instant Back-Up on Cloud
- Manual data backups to Google Drive .
- Automatic data backups on the cloud, synchronize your data across multiple devices and access them anywhere.
- All your can be exported and imported as CSV files to phone memory or Google Drive.

Schedule Automate Report
- Schedule Automated week/monthly reports.- Send reports like fuel log, mileage log, etc. directly from the app.

Import from another app
- Import data directly from aCar.
- For any other app (Drivvo, Fuelio, MileIQ, Fuel Log, My Cars, Car Expenses, Fuel Manager), we have a self-explanatory guide within the app, or you could write to us at

Access Data on web
- Access all your data on the web at

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Recent Updates - Version 40.9
  • + Updated Android libraries
    ~ Bug fixes for Auto trip
    + Performance improvements
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