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Orangerie Museum Buddy

About Orangerie Museum Buddy
The Orangerie museum is home to Monet's spell-bindingly beautiful wall-length canvases of Water Lilies. These works, that are bound to leave a lasting impression on you with their sublime glory, are nestled inside two purpose-built oval rooms at the top level. The double oval rooms, shaped to resemble the symbol of infinity, recall the infinite glory of the universe.

The top level is therefore entirely dedicated to the wall-length canvases of Water Lilies gifted by Monet to the nation. The rooms of the gallery provide an unbroken parallel epic to the events that gripped the nation at the end of World War I. The unmissable visual spectacle is one of the must-see attractions in Paris.

As you will be drawn to their breath-taking beauty and beyond, one must not miss the bewitching beauty of the rest of the collection at the lower level. Starting from the Impressionist works of Renoir and Cezanne, the collection moves on to more fascinating, strange and even some weird paintings of Derain, Rousseau, and Soutine. The Orangerie has a large exhibition space which hosts some of the best works in the world, and it is always included in the price..

This app is designed to introduce you to the different highlights of the museum and has different itineraries, detailed descriptions, interactive maps, stunning images and audio to enjoy the superb collection.
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