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Airplane Firefighter Simulator

About Airplane Firefighter Simulator
Ever dream of being a firefighter whose job is to pilot an airplane that drops water on large forest fires? Now is your chance! In this thrilling new airplane simulator game, you are an experienced firefighter whose job is to put out large forest fires by scooping up large amounts of water using your plane, and then dropping the water over the fire. This is NOT your typical plane simulator game. This flying simulation game is as real as it gets! Just check out the features and you will see.


* All planes unlocked.
* Realistic aerial flying firefighter game!
* Control your airplane and scoop up water from lakes to fill your tank.
* Innovative controls that enable you to release the water over the forest fires.
* True flying physics.
* Super high resolution 3D graphics.


To play this airplane firefighter simulator game, you will need to do the following:

1) Fill up your water tank. To do this, you need to fly the airplane close enough to the lakes and scoop up the water. You will see the capacity in your water tank start to increase. Once the tank is full, then you are ready to go put out the fires!

2) Look at your map on the top right of your screen to locate the forest fires. As you fly over the fires, you then need to hit the "release" button to drop the water over the fire. If your timing is correct, you will extinguish the fire.

3) Next you will need to look at your map for other fires. If none exist, then look for a glowing ring. Once you fly through this ring, the level is complete!

If you are a big fan of airplane flying games, then you will absolutely love this one! Not only do you get to fly a plane, but you also get to save the forests! How cool is that! :)
Recent Updates - Version 2.0
  • - Major performance update.
    - Bug fixes.
    - Other cool stuff! :)
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