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Pillar: Cycling Training App

About Pillar: Cycling Training App
Pillar integrates with Strava, Garmin, Zwift, Wahoo, and Suunto to take your cycling performance to the next level.

Nominate your training goal. You may want to improve your sprinting, climbing or endurance. Or alternatively, you can train for a specific event by choosing from our list of 200+ cycling events worldwide.

The time of generic cycling training plans is over.

Pillar provides you with personalised plans based on your fitness level, your available training routine, and of course what you want to achieve.

And it’s adaptive. So if you miss a session or two, then it will make adjustments in real-time, making sure you’re still on track.

It’s dynamic around your body, as you get fitter – Pillar evaluates your activity and fitness progression every week, and updates your training for the next week.

In fact, Pillar evaluates all your cycling training – so it has a complete picture of what you do and even how fatigued you’re likely to be. It does this so it can make recommendations that are a good fit for you, each and every day. Ensuring you make the best use of your time in the saddle and don’t overload yourself (which leads to injury and zero progress).

Pillar is backed by science, experience, and technology.

Our session and plan algorithms have been researched and designed by experts in their respective fields. Pillar’s team of advisors include a head of performance, leaders in performance nutrition, exercise metabolism, and professional cyclists.

Download our cycling training app today! Have questions?
Recent Updates - Version 1.23.10
  • Pillar is excited to launch it's new multi-sport freshness feature. It offers a comprehensive daily overview of your freshness level for each sport and energy system. This feature allows for a more precise representation of your overall freshness every day. You can now choose from a range of coach personalities, such as "Strict Stan" or "Friendly Fun Felicity," to find the coaching style that suits you best. We extend special thanks to Jose, Sam, and Felicity for their contributions.
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