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Home Garden Lulu

About Home Garden Lulu
Lulu's Home Garden is a cute simulation game in the style of cottagecore and goblincore🪴🌵 In this game you can create a beautiful greenhouse with frogs, rare flowers and plants🐸

In the game you can:

🐸Find out the history of each frog
🥤Play mini-games and enjoy calm music
☘️Perform unique achievements
🌵Open new rooms in the greenhouse and decorate them

The most beautiful items in the game can be obtained for free! Complete daily tasks and achievements ("Collection" section) and get unique interior items🍄

🐸 Turn your greenhouse into a cute and beloved home for frogs by decorating the interior with beautiful objects:

• Greenhouse 🍀

In the greenhouse you can grow a lot of rare plants🍃 The more flowers in your greenhouse, the bigger your herbarium book becomes, where you can learn tips on caring for plants 🌾 Each flower gives 15 coins every 12 hours. You can discover more than 100 unique plants in the game. Frog Bart likes to relax in the greenhouse🐸

• Grow plants and take care of them 🌸🌼🌺

In the cute greenhouse you will be able to follow the evolution of plants and get acquainted with a lot of amazing flowers🌸 Flowers, like little tamagotchi, love attention and care, take care of them, and they will surely give you a small reward💰 Do not forget to water the flowers with water, then there will be more oxygen and clean air in your greenhouse! 💧

• Coffee shop☕

All the frogs in your greenhouse love warm and fragrant coffee and cocktails. Delight the frogs with your wonderful drinks! 🐸 New recipes are given for completing daily tasks!

• Keep order in the house of Lulu the frog 🍃

Lulu the frog loves fish in his garden very much, but sometimes garbage gets into the lake🗑️ Take care of the fish and nature in Lulu's garden 🐠 Unique decorations can be obtained for completing daily tasks.

• Open your own Flower shop 🌸

In your small but cozy flower shop you can grow and collect bouquets to your liking 🌸 You can grow many wonderful flowers: roses, cornflowers, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, lavender, carnations 🌵

• Arrange film screenings and play games on an old vintage slot machine🎮️🎥
In the recreation room, you can arrange film screenings for frogs, as well as receive awards for achievements in vintage slot games🕹

Lulu the Frog Flower Garden is a free offline game, but some game elements, such as increased revenue and in-game currency, can be purchased for real money.


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Recent Updates - Version 1.20230105
  • New Year's Update
    Fixed bugs with daily tasks
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