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Church Tycoon - Church Simulator on PC/Mac

Author: Black Glove

Score: 3.9

OS: Windows, OS X, 4.4 +

About Church Tycoon - Church Simulator
Do you want to be a great leader of the faith? Start your temple and earn believers today in Church Tycoon! Your believers will be blessed and will donate money to grow your great missionary work to the ends of the earth!

Earn lots of money and build new churches. Hire persuasive and powerful pastors who will make miracles and attract crowds! Pastors will coordinate their team of assistants, motivating them and improving their income. Discover the best strategy for your donation flow and start expanding your business in this unique, addictive and fun casual simulation game!

Church Tycoon is a casual church management simulator where the goal is to invest the profits from donations and increase your business to attract believers, create new churches and spread your message as far as possible. The best way to play this idle simulator is to find the best management strategy between each sector of the church, managing the pastors responsible for them and using their powers wisely to improve the flow of donation collection while creating new seats for the faithful. With the income you earn, you increase your church, create new temples and hire new pastors, bishops and even apostles! In addition, you will be able to upgrade your churches and multiply your income many times over! You will also make idle money every day to invest in your business. Use it well in your strategy! Enjoy your benefits as a church entrepreneur in this church simulator and make a lot of money while spreading your message of faith and love to the world of Church Tycoon!

Features of Church Tycoon

★ Hire pastors and automate your fundraising flow. There's no need to touch constantly like a casual online click simulator!
★ Get idle money: Your pastors will work in your business and collect donations even when you are not playing, very good for casual gamers!
★ Hire pastors, bishops and apostles to minister services and bless your believers!
★ Hire managing pastors to manage your assistants and improve your fundraising!
★ All pastors have heavenly powers and will make miracles by boosting revenue and motivating their assistants.
★ Prestige resources and different levels for you to evolve all your churches, from the smallest to the largest, improving your business!
★ Unique and luxurious temples! Each new unlocked church has a new and unique setting, more beautiful and luxurious than the previous ones.
★ Collect up to 25 items of faith with unique benefits that can be used in your strategy to earn even more money! They also boost idle money!
★ Earn daily rewards even when you're not playing!

Use the best strategy and be a great guide for your believers and make money to boost your missionary business around the world! It's okay for you to be very rich, the money is in the right hands, isn't it? I bet you will use it in the best way in your business! Invest your profits in building new and luxurious temples and take your message to the world! Play actively or casual, you decide how to play! Be the greatest spiritual leader of all time and influence crowds in Church Tycoon's addicting and fun world!

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Recent Updates - Version 1.8
  • Added cloud save with Google Play.
    Reduced the costs of upgrading assistants and treasurers.
    All prestiges are accessible at reasonable prices.
    Increased multiplier of higher prestige.
    Changed the purchase x10 and x50, before it was working very similar to the max.
    Church music changed.
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