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Car Crash Luxury SUV Demolitio

About Car Crash Luxury SUV Demolitio
Car Crash Luxury SUV Demolition Simulator 2018 - racing simulator driving on a real 4x4 SUV with spectacular stunts on cars, in a game-style machine without brakes and a driving simulator for DPS.
A huge open world will involve online races with effects from real damages and wreckage of cars everywhere. You can arrange races in the night city, driving around the city tuning for free. Check your skills to drive cars in the class SUV in real driving simulator game of the machine by the rules and destroy the machine intrusive rivals.

- The best race, the cars are broken from your punches;
- Powerful and high-quality SUV cars;
- ease of driving;
- get infinite pleasure from road accident simulator, destroy auto rivals;
- driving 4x4 in a big open city
- Realistic damage to wheelbarrows, total destruction of your car!

Feel yourself a rally driver in your brutal car for free. Show violent and extreme driving as if you feel in the rally and the whole area for just one of you. Do not follow the rules of the traffic rules, there is no need to brake, because in the city there are no policemen, you can make a race with the competing cars, so you can carry out illegal actions on the roads and squeeze out the full speed from the car without pursuing the police.
Get positive emotions from racing events and feel every turn. Show the level of driving make dozens of drifts off-road, overtake rivals and just enjoy the race in your phone for free!
Recent Updates - Version 1.04
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