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Replica Poker - Texas Holdem

About Replica Poker - Texas Holdem
Ever wondered what would happen if different players were dealt the same hands in the same situation? Could you extract more value with the nuts? Could you save chips when you’re behind? With ‘Replica Poker’, you sit in the same seat at the same table versus and get dealt the same hands as your opposition. The winner is the person who plays them the best.

You can compare what you’ve won or lost with other player’s results. Show off your poker skills and you could win the Leaderboard!

You can use your Replica coins to buy in to Challenges which can be played over 20, 50 or 100 hands. The player who wins the most, or loses the least, wins the challenge and the prize pool!


You can play Replica Poker in two modes : Replica & Challenge

In Replica Mode, you will play the same hands, one after another, against other real players. All the chips you win or lose go into your bankroll. You receive bonuses when you score more than others on a hand.

In Challenge Mode, you play the same hands as Professional Poker Players. All your actions matter - every chip won, every chip saved. Use your best poker skills to beat the pros!


Can you win more than a Poker Pro ?

Play the same hands as professional player Benjamin Pollak ($13 million in live poker winnings). Review the animated hand history and compare your lines to his. Find out if you ended the Challenge with more chips than he did!


Win the Leaderboard

Can you make your name as the biggest Replica Poker winner? Get to the top of the Daily, Weekly or All Time Leaderboard!

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Recent Updates - Version 1.1
  • Bugs fixed, Facebook registration, More rewards & challenges
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