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Chess Quoridor - 3D Board Game

About Chess Quoridor - 3D Board Game
The board game Quoridor reveals a new way to play chess! Play a new chess game online with your friends. Compete with other players in pvp mode. Participate in events, complete quests and collect collect cards to unlock as many chess pieces as possible!
In the board game Quoridor you need to bring your chess piece to the opposite side of the chessboard faster than your opponent. You have ten walls that you can place in such a way as to prolong the path of your opponent on the chessboard as much as possible. In the arena you not only have to win, but also to collect collectible cards. You can interfere with your opponent to collect his collectible cards. In the pvp arena as a chessboard your turn is limited to 30 seconds.
Discover the chess pieces in the form of medieval estates. Play as a peasant or a knight. And the most skillful can win chess pieces of the level of King or Emperor! Show your pawns who's the boss in the arena!
Of the features of the game Quoridor can be highlighted:
- Real online pvp with other players
- Become friends after the matchmaking
- Chat with friends for free
- The best implementation of a free board game for mobile phones
- Chess pieces customization
- Wall Customization

We constantly develop the chess logic game Quoridor and plan to make the next updates:

♟️ - new chess pieces in the form of medieval characters from different states and empires. Animated chess pieces that stand out in the game arena.

🏰 - multiple online pvp arenas with animated characters and environments. Medieval environs of Europe and Asia. Each arena has a unique chessboard to play Quoridor online!

🏙️ - meta game - strategy game with building peasant houses, knight barracks, imperial palaces and more! Playing Quoridor board chess you will be able to get chess pieces that will affect the development of your medieval city! You'll have the opportunity to attack other players' settlements as well as trade with them. You will have to defend your kingdom from other players! You will be able to build your own feudal kingdom!
Participate in tournaments and rankings of the best players. Win prizes worthy of kings! Challenge your friends to an online pvp match and play with your friends online!

✔ New and original fun game
✔ Logic game - develop your thinking!
✔ apply to pass the time on the subway or in line
✔ Develops intelligence and logical thinking
✔ Beautiful graphics and relaxing music
✔ Full immersion in the game world
✔ Game for the company - play with friends
✔ Family game is a great game for a family evening
✔ Offline play - you can play even without internet connection
✔ Free to play - play the popular logic game for free
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 6.4
  • - Added rewards for leveling up!
    - Fixed the game with friends;)
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