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About Tettyblock
The most fun way to take a break from your daily routine and get rid of stress, tettyblock is waiting for you to explore the colorful block universe. A simple yet enjoyable block puzzle game that you won't want to stop playing. All you have to do is drag the popup blocks from the board onto the playing field. Bonus: if you think you made a wrong move, you have a chance to undo it. Strategically create vertical and horizontal completed lines according to the directions the blocks open and clear the playing field. How about combos? Eliminate several game rows and columns in one move to score more points, challenge your friends and even the whole world. Don't forget to check out the Boosters and enjoy the unique mechanics!

So why should you play this game?
Tettyblock is the best block puzzle game to play for people who want to relax and practice by focusing at the same time.Play this addictive game to exercise your mind wherever and whenever you want. Get away from all anxiety and approach a universe where you don't notice how time flies. Insomnia and boredom are no longer a problem because Tettyblock helps you. Check out amazing in-game features and skins to make your Tettyblock experience even more exciting.
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Recent Updates - Version 0.2.4
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