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Kitty Snatch - Match 3

About Kitty Snatch - Match 3
Make a Purr-fect Match with YOUR OWN KITTY, and YOUR FAVORITE CATS OF INSTAGRAM. Featuring YOUR KITTY alongside Kitty Celeb-purr-ties Monty Boy, BenBen, Maya the Cat, Brimley, Lulu & Farfor, Der the Cat, Nala Cat™, White Coffee Cat, and Luna Rose! It’s the cutest match 3 game from Ar-meow-nia to Zim-paw-bwe. PLAY NOW fur FREE and get started on your Kitty adventure today!

Is YOUR KITTY our NEXT TOP KITTY? Ready to steal the heart of every kitty admirer out there?

Introducing Kitty Purr-sonas! A fun & cute way to avatar your Kitty and share with your fur-riends. Choose from a paw-t-purr-ri of dif-fur-rent shapes, patterns, and colors to make it your very own. Everyone will be matching all day long with YOUR KITTY and our special Celeb-purr-ty kitties. The more you share and the more you & your fur-riends play, the more popular your Kitty will become. CREATE YOUR KITTY PURR-SONA fur FREE and SHARE AWAY!

Yes! It’s FREE TO PLAY! Earn tons of FREE KITTY KOINS just by playing the game. Kitty Koins can be used to buy power-ups or add extra moves when you need that little advantage. Still not enough? ASK FUR HELP from your fur-riends and they can litter-ally beat the level fur you. You’ll never get blocked from making purr-ogress.

How does hundreds of levels sound? How about new levels every other week? What about unlimited lives? Play when you want, fur as long as you want. And there’s a weekly FREE MEOW-A-THON CONTEST to win even more FREE KITTY KOINS. GO AHEAD & PAW THAT INSTALL BUTTON NOW!

Kitty Snatch is a proud supporter of animal welfare organizations RAPS Cat Sanctuary, and the BCSPCA. A portion of the proceeds generated from their campaigns helps save and improve the lives of thousands of animals every year.


Kitty Snatch is completely FREE TO PLAY with optional in-game items that require payment with real money.
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.89
  • Supports latest android devices.
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