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Sudoku 3D by

About Sudoku 3D by
Caution! After Sudoku 3D, you won't want to play regular Sudoku.
Each Sudoku is tested and has only a single solution.
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How to Play Sudoku 3D:

Sudoku 3D Control

► Rotate the cube with your finger or joystick and choose what you will solve.
► Help yourself to solve a difficult face by solving a neighboring face.
► The 3 digits in the middle of each face are the same for the adjacent face of the cube.
► Get game coins for the correct answer.

Sudoku 3D Notes

► Select an empty cell and fill it in manually with any numbers or get the correct notes in the cell by long pressing on an empty cell in edit mode.
► Turn on the "pencil first" mode by long pressing the number in edit mode.
► Fill in all the notes at once by long pressing on the automatic pencil.
► Hide or show notes without deleting them by long pressing on the pencil.
► Delete all notes at once by long pressing on the cross.

Sudoku 3D Solve

► Select an empty cell and fill it manually with the correct digit or by long pressing in solution mode, get the correct digit automatically.
► Turn on the "digit first" mode by long pressing the digit in the solve mode.
► Fill in all the answers at once by long pressing on the light bulb.

Sudoku 3D Difficulty Levels

► 4 difficulty levels will appeal to beginners and professionals.
► Go to the menu and continue any game of 4 difficulty levels at any time or start playing these levels from the beginning.
► The complexity of Sudoku depends on the number of initially filled cells and on the methods that need to be applied to solve it. There are 4 difficulty levels in Sudoku3D. 1 difficulty level for beginners, 4 - for professionals.

Sudoku 3D Shop

► Buy automatic notes and hints for game coins.
► Get game coins by playing Sudoku 3D for a certain time or by watching ads.

Sudoku 3D Settings

► Enable or disable disappearing buttons in the absence of such numbers on the edge.
► Turn on the vibration, sound and hints of how many digits are left on the edge.
► Turn on the selection of identical numbers, a square and a cross.
► Choose any of the 4 themes.
► Turn off advertising if it interferes and get a heart in case of an incorrect answer without viewing ads.

What is a Sudoku game?

Sudoku is a popular puzzle game based on the logical arrangement of numbers. Sudoku is a logic game that does not require calculations or special mathematical skills. All you need is your brain and the ability to concentrate.

Rules of the Sudoku game:

The goal of Sudoku is to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers from 1 to 9, so that in each row, in each column and in each small 3×3 square, each digit would occur only once. At the beginning of the game, some 9x9 grid cells will be filled. Your task is to enter the missing numbers and fill in the entire grid using logic.

Don't forget, the Sudoku solve will be incorrect if:

► Any line contains duplicate digits from 1 to 9
► Any column contains duplicate digits from 1 to 9
► Any 3×3 grid contains duplicate digits from 1 to 9

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