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Irish Safety Camera Locations

About Irish Safety Camera Locations
This app gives you advance warning when you approach one of the 500+ Garda Safety Camera locations (speed vans) dotted throughout Ireland.

Note this app is not being udpated at this time and does not contain all locations.

The main features are:
1) Warns you when approaching a Garda safety camera location.
2) No data connection is required so there is no cost using this app.
3) Uses bare minimum of system resources and runs quietly in the background.
4) A speed camera icon in the status bar lets you know the app is running.
5) Warnings use sound, light and vibration to make sure you're informed and drive accordingly :)
6) This app warns of 500+ Garda safety van locations only (it doesn't include GATSOs, or Gardai at the side of the road d:) ).
7) It's totally free and contains no ads.

Each warning consists of four parts:
1) A siren will sound on the phone
2) The phone will vibrate
3) The phones LED will flash (green, if your phone supports it)
4) A red speed camera icon will appear in the notification area

However you choose to go, GoSafe!
Recent Updates - Version 1.2.1
  • Watch this space for an exciting update :)

    Bugfix: When unable to play sound media file it will give a visual indication that it's unable to play the file (instead of crashing the app (or your vehicle, lol!)).
    The above error was reported this evening, thanks to the user for the report, reports are anonymous and help me improve the app :)
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