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Ancient Legends: Book Of Dead

About Ancient Legends: Book Of Dead
This is a classic role-playing game, the plot of which takes place in a fictional kingdom. A game with a third-person view, the main character of which moves around the island, destroying monsters and completing NPC tasks.

To move and explore the area, use the joystick in the far left corner and the touch pad on the right side of the screen. For the concept of objects and interaction with objects and characters, use the button with your index finger.
In the right corner of the screen there are buttons for attacking, jumping and switching weapons.

As the story progresses, the hero will have access to new spells, weapons and armor, with which he will be able to deal with even the strongest enemies. Battles are battles with opponents either in melee or in ranged combat (using a bow/crossbow), where the camera automatically points at the enemy if the player attacks him.

The player finds himself in a full-fledged world, living his own life. Many NPCs live their own lives, eat, sleep, work, and so on. The game is designed for the passage of the plot, but the plot itself has many branches.
As the game progresses, you can choose not only the side for which the player's character is fighting, but also take over the world. In terms of gameplay, it offers good graphics, pumping according to the classic RPG scheme and various equipment that can be changed and improved.
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.0
  • The beginning of a great journey!
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