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Garden Balls - Pin Pull Games

About Garden Balls - Pin Pull Games
Pull the Pin Ball Games - Brain Teasers Puzzles & Gardening! Stack the balls down the pipe. Sort the bubbles, match, send them going. Protect these color dots through the maze tube! Give your plants the food they need! And train your brain along the way :)
Ever wondered how you could combine your two favorite hobbies into one major grand adventure? You could always grow a hedge maze, of course, but it would take a while and not all of us have the space. Or sit in your yard doing classic jigsaw puzzles, but what happens when a nasty rain hits the skies? Well, now thereโ€™s finally another option โ€” you can test your brain logic for free ๐Ÿง  in tricky physics based puzzles while also tending a garden of beautiful pot plants as they blossom and grow in this free fun and original game of color ball to send and protect.

Give your plants the yummies!

โ˜… Slide pins and move sections to send the little colored nutrient sand balls down the pipe to your hungry plants. Autogenerated levels means an endless stream going of new puzzle challenges and the chance to go on earning rewards and upgrading your garden endlessly.

โ˜… Over 30 puzzle game dot sort & match mechanisms give your brain logic a real workout. Make sure the sand balls donโ€™t escape, protect them going, stack them, multiply their number on the way down, and avoid classic hazards including fire and explosions to ensure your little green friends get the goodness they need.

โ˜… Delightful original graphics, fantastic colors, fun animations, pulling it down physics and beautiful sound design enhance your puzzle-solving entertainment. Plus, extensive personalization options include over 50 different skins for bubbles and 50 different designs of pins, so you can ensure your bubbles are aesthetically pleasing as well as rewarding.

โ˜… Collect a gallery of flowers and stack different plants ๐ŸŒผ. Combine them to lead them through a unique sequence of growing stages till they finally blossom in a riot of gorgeous blooms.

Gardening was never this much fun!

Engage your puzzle game brain! Escape into hours of brain teasers and logic fun. Work with the laws of physics and plot the optimal course for the color balls. Think before you pull the pin, protect the dots going, let them loose and drop. Sort and match! Watch as bubbles shoot down the sand maze pipes with an immensely satisfying, classic and casual clatter for free! Fantastic pin pulling!
Recent Updates - Version 1.1.29
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