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Breed cats using magic skills:

About Breed cats using magic skills:
Make cat with magic! Evolution of cats from two kittens!

Be a Wizard cat - shaman control the evolution of cats! Make magic cat! Make your cat, mix kittens with magic alchemy skills! Choose which kitten to take for making a new super cat!
Watch recipes of evolution in Magical Books! Feel like a Cat Wizard - merge cats with the help of spells and witchcraft!

Play magic cards when kittens are magically evolve! Result of the evolution of the two cats you surprise! Make amazing and unique cats with evolution! Collect crystals and coins to buy different cages for the kittens and wizards cats! Collect all kittens from the magic book! Unlock all hidden cats! Merge cats, perform the cat evolution and enjoy game for real cat person!

Wizard cat mix cats with help of spells and sorcery! Full the world of cats with your magic pets! Check usual and unusual cat breeds like Sphynx and Korat, or strange magical pets like panda cat, orange cat or a flying cat for example! Collecting cat is fun!

Feel like a real cat breeder, mix kitty cats from famous Cats GO game, and have fun!
Recent Updates - Version 5.6
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