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Perfect Strike

About Perfect Strike
Press the screen when dotted line is between cracked circle, square or triangle shapes and hold your finger until the ball grows to that max size which can fit in that opening. The rhythm of the game is: press it, hold it, release it, press it, hold it, release it...

Try to go through as many shapes as you can, but remember to strike ball as big as possible and gain in-game money by making those Perfect Strikes! make your conclusion!

Use in-game money for continues when needed or accumulate specific quantity to unlock game skins and ball shapes.

Perfect Strike is an arcade conclusion game which is as catchy as any ball shooter or bubble shooter game + it has different game play and is not similar to those old-fashioned ball and bubble shooter games.

Play wisely, make conclusion and compete with others in Google's global score board. Compare your best score with other players best scores. Try to win this race of "best score"

Try to shot big boll in the first rounds, because then it will get faster and it will be very hard to shoot the big boll and make perfect strike, also those cracked circle, square and triangle shapes get smaller and smaller

So as a conclusion Perfect Strike is a game that deserves attention, deserves download, deserves play and deserves 5 star rating.
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.0
  • Graphics improvement
    Overall gameplay improved
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