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Hole Player - Music & Radio

About Hole Player - Music & Radio
Music Hole Player is an awesome android music player (audio and radio player) targeted at those that are still hooked in the old fashioned 'file format' music listening process rather than today's mainstream streaming format. In this music player you will be able to listen, view and manage your music library in an unique and easy way.

Hole Player - Music & Radio also features an internet radio player which gives you the ability to stream some of the most popular radio stations (worldwide).

Our collection of radio stations varies in all music categories and genres:
➡ Rock
➡ Alternative
➡ Metal
➡ Grunge
➡ Punk
➡ Indie
➡ Blues
➡ Jazz
➡ Blues
➡ Country
➡ Reggae
➡ Pop
➡ Hip-hop
➡ Rap
➡ R&B
➡ Dance
➡ Disco
➡ House
➡ Soul
➡ Techno
➡ News
➡ Podcast
➡ Sports

Our radio player also has functionalities like: radio station browsing, detailed radio metadata and artwork as well as bookmarking feature which allows you to set your favorite radios for quick access.

This music player (audio and radio player) is lightweight, simple, stable and unique while also providing many features and customizations to play around and have fun exploring them. This media player supports all major audio formats: mp3, wav, flac, m4a, wma, acc, webm and others!

Along with the mobile application, Hole Player (Music & Radio) is also supported on Android TV platform, so you can go ahead and enjoy your music collection or online radio stations on your android TV!

➡ Tracks browsing and searching.
➡ Playlist builder, browsing and searching.
➡ Automatic detection of folders as playlists.
➡ Importing of playlists (XSPF file format).
➡ Audio Metadata extractor on the playback content.
➡ Custom audio Equalizer presets which can be managed and saved.
➡ Artist details puller, which pulls artist bio information, artist artwork for the current track as well as top songs for that artist.
➡ CrossFade (fade in and fade out) feature between tracks/songs.
➡ Multiple player modes (NORMAL, SHUFFLE, LOOP).
➡ Internet Radio Streaming (over 350 popular radio stations - including most countries worldwide).
➡ Local area radios listing - now you can listen the most popular radios in your area!
➡ Screen recording feature which allows the user to record 30 seconds video with sound (mic as input) for the social media platforms.
➡ Background builder, which allows you to choose background for the music player to your liking!
➡ Large screen devices and tablets support.
➡ Android TV support (optimized and targeted at the android TV users).
➡ Localization support for many languages and countries. (Languages supported in app: Arabic, Deutsch , Espanol, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian).

Note: All required application permissions are strictly used in order to make the application fully functional.
- RECORD_AUDIO -> Used for audio visualizer.
- READ_PHONE_STATE -> Used to be able to pause/resume the player when incoming calls comes in.

Please consider giving us feedback as it is much appreciated!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5 stars)
Recent Updates - Version 1.4.6
  • Custom Equalizer presets which can be managed and saved.
    Bunch of UI improvements & performance optimizations.
    Adding sorting feature of tracks, playlists and radios.
    Adding TV recommendation (channel and programs with radio stations).
    Fixing issues for some specific devices and TVs.
Install On Your Mobile Device:
Google Play Store LinkApp Store Link
Install On Windows PC Or Mac:
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How To Download & Play:
1. Download & Install AppKiwi
2. Download Hole Player - Music & Radio APK
3. Launch from APK Library