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High School Car Parking 3D

About High School Car Parking 3D
High School Car Parking 2016: An interesting and most entertaining 3D Car Parking Simulation Game of 2016 from Creative Monkey Games. It is a Car Parking Simulation Game that happens in 3 different arenas of High School like Car Parking Area, Football Ground, Backyard Basketball Court. This Game has three different chapters with number of levels in each chapter where user can play and unlock the levels.

High School Car Parking is a fusion of various challenges, exciting and unpredictable levels, amazing stunts, enemy chase sequences, timer ticks, splendid environments, arena explorations and slow motion camera shots.

Chapter 1: Realistic Car Parking Challenge
It has 15 different levels of increasing difficulties with realistic car parking gameplay. Drive carefully without hitting any obstacle and park the car precisely in the parking lot. For each hit the health will be reduced. Maximum 3 hits are allowed, beyond that level completion will be failed. Honk the horn to alert students chit-chatting in parking zones to clear the way. Stay away from the angry guy, once he is provoked, he will chase and damage the car with baseball bat and health will be reduced. Check for the parking direction to complete the level successfully. Use extraordinary parking skills and score the highest 3 stars in each level.

Chapter 2: Football Ground Car Parking Challenge
It has 10 different levels with increasing difficulties where parking arena is High School Football Ground. Each level has unique challenge with fun filled elements. Footballs/Basketballs/Volleyballs are placed on the car roof luggage carrier and challenge is to drive the car to the parking lot without dropping them. If dropped level completion will be failed. Football players will be warming up in the driving path so drive without hitting or disturbing football players. Climb the humps to reach the parking area. Use incredible driving skills and complete the levels successfully before the timer ends.

Chapter 3: Remote Control Car Parking Challenge
It’s a fast action-packed remote control car parking game which happens in High school Backyard Basketball Ground. It has 10 different levels where in each level 3 stars will be placed at different points of the ground. Act smart and divert the police enemy remote cars. Be quick, collect the stars by exploring the ground and reach the parking area before the timer ends. Escape from the hits of enemy remote control cars to retain the health. Climb the humps to enter the closed areas. Use daredevil stunt skills and complete the levels successfully.

First of its kind 3-in-1 3D car parking simulation game with creative level design and colorful environments. Best Game ever for the car parking, simulation and stunt game enthusiasts. Experience completely a new class of car parking game. Keep playing and enjoy the game!
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Recent Updates - Version 1.0.0
  • * 3 Different Game Plays
    * Challenging Levels
    * Realistic 3D graphics
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