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Mileage Tracker by Driversnote

About Mileage Tracker by Driversnote
Your easy-to-use mileage tracker
Save time and maximize your mileage reimbursement or deductions with the Driversnote automatic mileage tracker.
We’ll generate the compliant mileage logs you need for your IRS tax deduction or company reimbursement and keep your logs safe with the best mileage tracker.

Join more than 1,500,000 drivers who use the Driversnote miles tracker for their business mileage reimbursement and deductions.

🤝The best mileage tracker for self-employed, employees and businesses.
The Driversnote miles tracker is perfect for anybody that needs to record their business mileage. If you use your personal vehicle or a company car, you’ll get complete records for your reimbursements or deductions, including the distance, start and end addresses, time, reimbursement amounts and more for each trip you take.

🚘Automatic trip logging - you don’t need to do anything!
Turn on auto tracking with motion detection - the app will track your drives automatically in the background once you reach a certain speed and record all the needed information. No more missed trips.

🚙A mileage tracker only for your preferred vehicle
Place an iBeacon in your vehicle and the app will start automatically tracking every time you drive - no need to open your phone. Get a free iBeacon when you sign up for the annual Driversnote subscription.

🗒️Compliant & customizable mileage logs
We help you generate IRS-compliant mileage reports for your employer or accountant. Customize mileage logs according to your needs.
•Select your reporting period and we will remind you when it's time to submit your logs
•Report Business, Personal, Medical and Charity trips
•Keep separate logs for multiple vehicles and workplaces
•Include odometer readings
•Download your mileage logs as PDF or Excel files, or send them directly to an email address from the app

✔️Make the mileage tracker & log app work for you
•Add your vehicle(s) & workplace(s)
•Save often-visited addresses
•Record odometer readings if you need to
•Add comments and notes to your trips
•Customize your reimbursement rate if you are reimbursed at a different than the IRS rate
•Set your working hours for automatic classification of trips as Business and Personal
•Set reporting reminders, so you don’t forget to generate mileage reports
•Get notifications to know when the app is tracking and if it’s time to review your mileage log
•Forgot to track a trip? Add it later on to your trip list - the app will calculate the distance and reimbursement automatically

💼Perfect for business reimbursement programs
Our Teams solution simplifies company reimbursement
•Invite and remove users
•Employees track miles automatically
•Employees create & share consistent mileage reports with their managers
•Managers review and approve mileage claims in one simple overview
•Privacy - managers can only see the trips employees report

📱Access your records from everywhere
•Use the Driversnote website or app to review your trips and create reports
•All your trips are saved on our servers automatically and accessible from all devices

🌏We support numerous countries with our mileage tracker
•Our mile tracker supports most countries and we already have default government mileage rates entered for the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Denmark, Sweden and more.
•If your employer uses a different rate than the IRS mileage rate, you have the option to enter your own rates for your mileage tracking.

🔒Privacy by design
•We never sell data
•We will never provide your information to other parties for marketing purposes
•See more in our Privacy Policy

If you have questions or feedback about our miles tracker & electronic log book solution, please visit our Help Center or contact us at or at (+45) 71 99 37 54.
Recent Updates - Version 4.8.6
  • In this new app version we have fixed the following issues:
    - A crash on the Tracking screen when selecting “Business” while having multiple organisations.
    - Dark mode text visibility issues on Android
    - A trip’s stop time would in some situations not be larger than the start time.
    - The Odometer reading button placement on small screens.

    If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to let us know - our support team is ready to help you at
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