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DailyU: Affirmations & Journal

About DailyU: Affirmations & Journal
DailyU is world's first daily affirmation app based on minimal unique illustrations. Step into a more positive life with art-based affirmations across multiple areas of life.
- 5000+ Affirmations @ DailyU
- 17+ Categories @ DailyU
- Uncountable Positive Beliefs @ DailyU

At DailyU, we are on a mission to brighten your day. A community of 350K+ ❤️'s using the power of daily affirmations. We want you to have personal well-being at your fingertips. We’re on a mission to heal, inspire and empower one million people to discover their best selves. Not only this, we provide people with tools that make it easy for people to create a healthy daily routine and achieve their goals.

## DailyU beta app is free##
A self-help to help build a positive, happy, and calmer you with Daily Affirmations, Mindfulness, and Motivation

Vision: We truly believe that everyone has the potential to do great things and becomes the best version of themselves. Our vision is to encourage and empower people to become that version.

A self-help platform by The Doodle Desk (TDD) to help you reflect on your journey, relax through the hurdles that come your way, and rediscover yourself so that you excel before you reach your destination.

Extra Features
Mindful Music: Now Relax, sleep, focus, and manifest meditate by listening to an exceptional 24000+ minutes of scientific binaural beats music and 100+ goal-based music.

Safe Talk @ DailyU: Share your feelings anonymously without fear of judgment with a community of like-minded people.

Mood Tracker @ DailyU: Record mood, recognise triggers and talk it out with supportive people from across the world.

Doodle Desk (TDD) Community Feedback
#Your page is beautiful filled with positive messages. I feel better whenever i go through your page. May you receive much happiness, Positivity and Peace that you are spreading around. – Shruti

#Your doodles are so relatable. it make me express things which cant be done through words. thx for bringing smile on my face. – Nishtha Jain

#They are like a daily motivation for me. Sometimes, I get surprised by seeing the doodles that exaclty relate to the current circumstances in my life. Sometimes, they also help me find a solution. Thanks! – Thanmai

#This page is really motivating and gives out positive vibes. I look forward to these posts daily!
– Awantika

FAQ's for DailyU Daily Affirmations app
How can I use DailyU positive affirmations effectively?
In just a few minutes, positive affirmations may turn your world around. They also provide a positive foundation for you to work from in your mental reality. Even if the effects of affirmations are minor at first, they will help you develop a more positive outlook over time. Positive affirmations can help you reconnect with grateful feelings and improve your outlook. It might help you feel more relaxed while you’re under stress.

Are ‘guided meditation’ apps like DailyU are useful?
You may construct mental images of places or situations that you find relaxing when using this style of meditation. You strive to engage all senses, including smells, sights, sounds, and textures. When you sit in stillness, your mind wanders, and it takes a lot of work to get the mind to focus. You have a better chance of staying in that focused state for longer when you use guided meditation.

What is the best time for chanting affirmations from DailyU app?
The best time to recite affirmation is early in the morning, before lunch, during a workout or meditation, or right before going to bed.
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.46
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