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Kids Puzzle Games Animals

About Kids Puzzle Games Animals
"Kids Puzzle Game - Animals" is one of our fun kids games for toddlers, with animal puzzles for boys and girls.

Get set for lots of laughter and fun with beautiful graphics, high-quality sound effects, 3 wildly different backgrounds and many puzzles to solve.

In this free trial version 3 of the levels are available - Unlock or get the PRO version to play all 9!

This game consists of 3 landscape backgrounds and 34 kinds of animals with animation, and audio effects.
The landscape background is composed of a farm, forest, jungle, with a variety of animals that includes such as dog, cat, cow, deer, sheep, zebra, lion, bear, jaguar, giraffe, hippo, rabbit and monkey, reptiles such as snake, crocodile and lizard, amphibian such as marine animals such as fish, crab and octopus, birds such as woodpecker, parrot, pigeons and owl, and finally insects such as butterfly, bee, ant and ladybug.

In these kids puzzles each character is cheerfully animated with multiple cute sound effects. As soon as you place a character your toddler can freely move it around as you like - why not play this educational game together with your toddlers and make up little short stories about all the animals?

How to play
The mechanics of the game basically is to drag and drop, and touch.

The options screen provides you with the sets of puzzle to choose from.

Just drag and drop the pieces of puzzle found on the left to the shadows of the respective puzzle piece on the right to complete the whole puzzle.

After you complete the puzzle, the animation and sound effects of the animals will play again.

You can proceed to the next puzzle through the button found on the upper right screen.

Earn coins - for every finite boards get one coin. Be first on the leaderboard!

Share with friends and family via email, Google+, FaceBook or hangouts, or make a screanshoot.

The average user age range of this game is age 2-4 years old, but toddlers to even preschool child and still enjoy the game.
Since the kids are still unskilled at manipulating the game, it is best advised that parents accompany their kids and guide them through the game.
Recent Updates - Version 1.4.00
  • fixed minor bugs
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