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Age of Revenge: Turn Based RPG

About Age of Revenge: Turn Based RPG
Greetings adventurer! Welcome to the Age of Revenge — a free retro-style MMO RPG with a catching story and simple idle rpg gameplay. Dive into the age of magic with this fantasy rpg adventure game. Embark on a journey across far-away foreign lands, battle with dangerous beasts and dungeon bosses, level up your weapon, and achieve might and power previously only known to gods!


Centuries ago, the First Empire of the human race had fallen. The lands were ravaged by a powerful dark force, which our brave heroes of the Second Empire are trying to stop from spreading. You too will join the ranks of these heroes in this turn based rpg.

Set off on dangerous quests: to the mysterious Thicket or to the perilous Land of Fire, to the foresaken Subterranean Kingdom or to the cryptic Heart of Darkness. Take a stand in this turn based rpg against the magical beings that inhabit these lands and learn the secrets of the Old Empire.

Explore dungeons to find potent artefacts and use them to gain unbelievable power and win the mighty dungeon bosses.


Train, learn new combat skills, upgrade your equipment and customize your character with new armor. Find rare weapons and test your skills against other players in the role playing PvP arena.


Join one of the many existing clans or create your own with your own rules. Battle against powerful dungeon bosses with a team, and share the plentiful loot. Build citadels, libraries, and other buildings with your clan and receive useful bonuses.


Meet hundreds of other players and work collectively to survive the orc invasion. Have discussions in the chat, on our forums, or within your clan. Find new friends and complete quests together.


Intuitive classic rpg mechanics and simple clicker role play game play.


This rpg adventure game has a lot of immersive features in it:
– Advanced character leveling
– Large bestiary
– Dungeons with bunches of treasures
– Themed quests
– Arena for PvP battles
– Clan battles
– Realistic graphics

Plunge into the dark fantasy of this roleplay game, enjoy the best of idle rpg games and fantasy rpg games.
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 2.29
  • Imroved stability and some little fixes.
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