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Sentence: Detective & Thriller

About Sentence: Detective & Thriller
Interactive detective story & ARG detective game - thriller from the creators of suspense murdering games I Am Innocent and the series of criminal serial killer games Who is the Killer

The provincial town is shocked by the brutal murder of Ted Barnes. All forces are thrown into the crime investigation and search for the serial killer . Former police officer Henry Thompson was arrested after a short crime scene investigation . But is he the real murderer? Serial killer is still playing his serial murder game ! Investigate the realistic story crime and answer the main question of the investigation games detective story & thriller — Who is the killer ?

🏆 Detective ! Hid the corpse in Nobodies serial killer games ? Survived in Duskwood interactive story thriller text games? Succeeded in Simulacra investigation games ? Then try to investigate murder and deal with new realistic story murders in murdering games : detective story with special interactive story text games and crime investigation killer games storytelling! Find the killer or he’s definitely going to find YOU in this texting thriller !

Key features of detective games :

🎮 Dozens of hours of original crime investigation interactive games : Sentence brings murdering texting games to the next level, maintaining the criminal traditions of interactive games Criminal case , Sara is missing and detective game Simulacra !

🤫 Unusual characters of the interactive crime murder games ! Investigate serial murder and use interactive choice in a chat game & find the killer in murdering games !

🎬 Group chats, calls, photo and video criminal evidence of the murder blur the line between detective games with text messages and reality in style of murdering games Duskwood , Simulacra and Bitlife .

✅ Depending on your actions, detective , you can find the killer and stop the serie of murders or fail the investigation . Begin crime scene investigation like in Nobodies , analyze facts like in Sara is missing and experience detective simulator suspense like in Simulacra detective game .

🧩 The complex topics covered in arg serial killer games can affect everyone, like the personal drama of the heroes of chat game Sara is missing , Bitlife and Duskwood . Interactive games in murder investigation will give you an important experience in solving crime conflicts.

Unique opportunities in murder games texting thriller :

💡 THINK over responses in chat game : interactive choice gives you freedom during serial murder investigation , still remember about the responsibilities for the consequences of the serial killer investigation with multiple endings .

😎 HACK into virtual databases of the detective simulator : killer must answer for his murders and crime murder games .

😱 SAVE your friends and family from the serial killer games by interactive choice in dialogues of murder games .

🔎 ANALYZE the evidence in crime scene investigation — and you'll have a chance to stop the serie of murders , find the killer and complete serial murder investigation after all detective games .

Psychological detective drama — text games, murder games or ARG ?

🕵️ Detective story is a great reason to start your own investigation , deal with personal conflicts and put all the evidence of the darkwood criminal case in its place. Interactive investigation in this detective simulator will help you become a part of the finding of the serial killer . Dive into the characters’ suspense conflicts — everybody lies, but the killer lies twice! So don't get caught up in a web of lies and murders !
Suspense flashbacks or obsessive nightmares about killer games? This realistic detective simulator murder game will help you to get one step closer to the secret of the killer and solve the duskwood criminal case thriller. The conflict of emotions and reason makes the plot of the texting thriller murder game much more realistic than classic text game .

Best of luck,

Sentence team.

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