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Keen2: Track Trichotillomania

About Keen2: Track Trichotillomania
Keen2 by HabitAware provides two ways for YOU to take control of hair pulling (trichotillomania), skin picking (dermatillomania), and nail biting:
(1) On your own: Download this app for FREE to manually track how long “I am HabitAware”
(2) With the Keen2 smart bracelet: Order at to empower healthy lifestyle change

Here’s the details:
We’ve specifically designed the app to allow anyone with hair pulling, skin picking, or nail biting to MANUALLY track their behavior. Just download the app for FREE to get started.
Each time you realize you are hair pulling, skin picking, or nail biting, just open the app & tap the ‘+’ button to track it and add contextual details.
The data you input will help you understand patterns and triggers. Once you know WHEN the behavior is happening you can PRACTICE healthier ways to REPLACE the behavior and take control.

Co-invented by a mental health advocate with trichotillomania and in collaboration with renowned researchers through a National Institute of Mental Health research grant, HabitAware’s Keen2 is your awareness & response trainer.
Keen2’s app + smart bracelet is a holistic system that shifts you from autopilot to awareness. With awareness, you have the power to control your behavior and practice evidence-based Habit Reversal Training strategies (available as an in-app upgrade).
Keen2 uses patented gesture detection technology to recognize when you are hair pulling (trichotillomania), skin picking (dermatillomania), or nail biting. Keen2’s vibration is like a “hug” on your wrist and your “self care” alarm. As you build awareness of your restless hands and use the vibration as a cue to practice healthier soothing mechanisms, you can Retrain Your Brain.

** "Keen has completely changed my life physically, mentally, and emotionally. I no longer pull out my hair. I am no longer looking over my shoulder... I live in peace now." - Stephanie **

** "Keen's by far the most effective method I use to track and combat my hair pulling." - Abby **

** "I haven’t bitten my nails or pulled my hair, and I think every dollar is worth it." - Suzanne **

** "...really changed my life and continues to make me happier and help me control my skin picking.” - Britta **

We’re here for you, because we’ve been there:
email us at
With love & awareness,
Aneela (ex - hair puller) and the HabitAware Team

HabitAware is a TIME Magazine Best Invention and supported by research grants from the NIH & NSF.

As seen in: Washington Post, Prevention Magazine, Buzzfeed, CBS, TechCrunch, Instyle, Yahoo! Beauty, SELF Magazine and more!
Recent Updates - Version 1.1.5
  • Contains an update for the band to support recent hardware updates.
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2. Download Keen2: Track Trichotillomania APK
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