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Prime Division - Numbers Game

About Prime Division - Numbers Game
What do the following numbers have in common: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 29, …? That’s right, they’re prime numbers!

Try the new game of 2017 – Prime Division, the ultimate numbers challenge by Hypnotic Owl!

Prime Division is the brand-new, unique free numbers game by Hypnotic Owl, the indie developer awarded the “Deutscher Computerspielepreis” (German computer game award).


In Prime Division, your job is to quickly break down numbers into their prime factors. Within ten seconds, pick the correct factors from the given prime numbers!

Here’s an example:

35 = 7 X 5
You’re given the number 35, so you select the prime numbers seven and five from the squares below.

Earn experience points and unlock five additional game modes! Sounds easy? Then put that gray matter to work and test yourself!

If you’re into number puzzles or brain games you’ll absolutely love Prime Division’s math brainteasers!

Time to dust off that brain! Prime Division also is fun and efficient memory and maths training.

✓ The most awesome numbers game about prime factorization ever!
✓ Six exciting game modes (Standard, Minute, Speed, Six, Roman, and Random)
✓ Challenging achievements
✓ Global and friends leaderboards
✓ Personal statistics
✓ Autosaves
✓ Clear and easy-to-use interface
✓ Game entirely in English

During development, this was important to us:
✓ We wanted to create a game about numbers!
✓ Mini game (takes only very little storage space)
✓ Play without WiFi
✓ Play without an internet connection, perfect for on the move
✓ The game had to boot up fast.
✓ It’s free (in the sense of play the numbers game for free)

We’re a small indie development studio, creating games for fun and the fascination of development. Should you run into problems or want to suggest improvements, just drop us a line:

Many thanks to everybody who helped and supported us during development of this numbers game! Your feedback was very valuable!

If you enjoy the game and want to support us too, you can help by doing translations for further languages. Just contact us! It’s not a lot of text either.

And naturally, we’d be very happy if you rated Prime Division five stars!

This numbers game is free to play and does not ask for any critical permissions.

Enjoy! - The team of Hypnotic Owl
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.18
  • Version 1.18 updated Unity and SDK versions.
    Version 1.17 updated Unity and SDK versions.
    Version 1.16 updated Unity and SDK versions.
    Version 1.15 Improvements:
    • Completely removed ads!
    • Upgrading the game unlocks all modes now
    • Added privacy options for GDPR compliance
    • Updated Unity3D Engine
    • Fixed minor bugs
    That's all for now. Have fun dividing! If you come across any issues please let us know at
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