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Blade Origin: Oriental fantasy

About Blade Origin: Oriental fantasy
"Blade Origin: Oriental fantasy is a Cultivation Fantasy MMORPG game. Here you will experience the same life as the protagonist of Xianxia novels: becoming famous in sectarian wars, conquering divine beast when natural disasters come, and developing an unforgettable love with the destined her. Every choice you make will affect the entire world of immortality!

Write your own legend of cultivation!"


Each sect has its own martial art! Choose your favorite sect, stand out in the battle of the sects through your weapon selection, skill matching and flexible operation!"

Helping mortals is the mission of immortal hero! On the journey of cultivating immortals, you will meet legendary monsters such as dragons which can cause thunderstorms! Conquer them and calm the storm!"

Whether you love to fight alone, fight with a team, or play strategically, you can show your strengths in fair and open cross-server gameplay!"

You can establish a companion with the destined her, and enhance each other's strength through double cultivation!Your oriental romance starts in here!"

Download and enjoy your fantasy journey of immortality now!
Recent Updates - Version 1.2
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