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About GenesisDB
A comprehensive, detailed database of SEGA Genesis games. Search for games by title or browse by a number of categories, including year of release, publisher/developer, and even ROM size and save type! Each game's details are cross-reference-able, allowing easy access to lists of games with the same publisher, developer, size, and the like. Boxart is available for nearly every game in the database, and is downloaded on-demand to minimize the app's size.

This app requires the Internet permission in order to download boxart and PCB images, and uses it for no other purpose.

Note: This version of the application only contains information of games released in the United States. As more information becomes available for other regions of the world, new versions may be released to cover those regions.


All information contained within the application has been gathered from freely-available public sources, along with some original research. Thus, no guarantees are made in regards to the accuracy of that information.

SEGA Genesis and all related indicia are registered trademarks of the SEGA Corporation. The GenesisDB application and its developers are in no way related to SEGA Corporation, and make no claims otherwise.
Recent Updates - Version 1.0
  • Version 1.0: First release!
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