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Lotto generator & statistics

About Lotto generator & statistics
It is a great lottery app with more than 320 lotteries from all around the world that can be chosen from.
Send an email to the developer to add the lotteries that are not in the app. If it is not in the app nobody asked for it.
It is better to check the stats before you select the numbers. Don't choose numbers outside of statistics.
This app has amazing features for statistics of many lotteries, that lets you adjust the statistics of previous results before you generate numbers. Select the range that you want based on the latest trends and generate the numbers.
Features available in the app:
• Unique statistics of numbers of each lottery result, like: average of numbers in a drawing, min number, max number and more. It also has the common statistics of hot and cold numbers.
• Compare a set of generated numbers against previous results of a lottery and see if the numbers ever match previous results.
• Check the latest graphics for statistics and results, to see how the statistics of numbers evolved in time and adjust the interval of statistics to match the latest trends.
• The lottery results are updated after every drawing and let you know if you have winning numbers, if the user sets the played date and number of times played.
• The lottery app allows picking the numbers manually, by a child or a pet: a dog or a cat.
• Set the favorite and excluded numbers that will be taken into consideration when generating the lotto numbers.
• Users can choose a set of numbers from a list of generated numbers and check if the numbers ever were lucky in that combination.
• Users can use the magic wand to adjust the statistics to an optimal set of statistics and generate a set of numbers to play.
• Receive notification with latest results and the biggest jackpots in the world and when a new game is added to the app.
• Generate up to 10000 set of numbers to compare with each official result to see if it worth to play many tickets or not.
• Read the help page from inside of the app or ask a question to the developer, by sending an email to
• Watch a video (on the main page of the app) of how the app works and the features available. Subscribe to the channel to receive the latest videos with the new features that will be added in the app.

If you think a feature is missing from the app, send the developer an email and it may be added in the next release.
I develop the app alone and I am doing my best to maintain the lottery app and to update the lottery results. I would appreciate it if you would share the app with your friends and family on social media networks.
The app doesn’t allow users to play or to bet on the lotteries, this is a Google Play store rule, that doesn’t allow gambling in any apps in the store.
For questions at any point in the app, send an email to: and the developer will respond as soon as possible.
Good luck!
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 5.8.170n
  • Added more than 350 lotteries from all around the world.
    Generate numbers based on statistics of results.
    The latest lottery results with the graphics of the statistics.
    Unique statistics with trends and graphics.
    Compare the generated numbers with the official drawings
    Add your favorite or excluded numbers
    Test your luck with thousands of generated numbers
    Did you choose your numbers from statistics?
    Check the statistics before you play next time.
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2. Download Lotto generator & statistics APK
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