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Path of Immortals: Survivor

About Path of Immortals: Survivor
The world’s at stake, and a single mistake could drown you in demons!
Play as the three heroic Survivors - the storm-calling Druid, the brawl-loving Berserker, or the bow-loving Ranger to save the demon-infested world!
With angels and humans counting on you, you must exterminate dangerous demons that far outnumber you and battle the way for survival!

- Play as one of the three unique Survivors
- Roguelite gameplay with infinite skill combos
- Eliminate thousands of demons in one single battle
- Use one hand to clear the map

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Recent Updates - Version
  • Brave Immortals, Path of Immortals Version 1.9 is headed your way!
    After the update, Survival mode will be more challenging, but worry not, we have prepared Survival-exclusive Gear, so grab a belt and sling a cape over your shoulders — they’re fun AND fashionable!
    The Guild Expedition just got even more exciting as Angels and Demons offer miracles and tempting deals! Make Covenants with Angels to help your Guild progress in the Expedition, or summon Demons to sabotage a rival Guild!
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