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Sagrada Familia - Barcelona

About Sagrada Familia - Barcelona
The “Sagrada Familia” (Holy Family) Audio Guide explains in a clear, relaxed and accurate way this Barcelona icon. Antoni Gaudi´s masterpiece. It comfortably guides you, at your own pace, using interactive maps and pictures. It tells you everything you need to know through a 65-minute professional recording, making your visit more entertaining and memorable.

To whom do we owe the building of this basilica? What do the numbers on the Passion Façade’s door mean? Why is the building facing the sea instead of the city? We give you the answers to these and many other questions.

We explain the Christian symbolism and iconography. And we provide you with the key to the history of the Sagrada Familia Basilica, all livened up with anecdotes about personalities who passed by, such as Gaudí, Josep María Subirachs, or Josep María Bocabella among others.

The app allows you to:

•Listen to entertaining, quality narrations developed by professionals.
•Quickly and easily find the work you want to listen to through its location on the map, a detailed picture gallery, or a search by author or title.
•Choose between the suggested itineraries or simply guide yourself following your own tastes and time schedule.
•Orientate yourself at any time thanks to the interactive GPS positioned maps.
•Access all the useful information about the museum: opening hours, accessibility, website, etc.
•Read the explanations in text format.
•Forget about queues at the withdrawal and deposits desks. Enjoy this and future visits with the convenience of having everything on your mobile phone.
•Get an excellent view of the evolution of the monument and its history.

We guide you through the:

-The Church
-Going towards the facade of the Nativity
-Facade of the Nativity
-The facade of the Nativity. Portal of Charity
-Acade of the Nativity. The Portal of Hope
-Facade of the Nativity. Portal of Faith
-Facade of the Nativity. The carvings
-The Spires
-The Cloister
-The Inside of the church: The Imagery on the Columns
-The Inside of the Church: the doors and the carving of St. George
-The Inside of the Church: the Choir Loft
-The Inside of the Church: the vaulted ceiling and columns
-The Inside of the Church: The Stained Glass Windows
-The Inside of the Church: The High Altar
-The Inside of the Church: The Chapels
-The Crypt
-The Crypt: The altarpiece and the fires
-Facade of the Passion
-Facade of the Passion: the meaning of the faade
-Facade of the Passion. Description
-Facade of the Passion: Imagery
-Facade of the Passion: Imagery (detailed)
-The schoolhouse: The outside
-The School: The Inside
-The Museum
-Moving outside
-Facade of the apse
-Facade of Glory
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