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Battleship: War Girl on PC/Mac

Author: Fast Game Limited

Score: 4.5

OS: Windows, OS X, 2.3.3 +

About Battleship: War Girl
❤❤❤❤ The prettiest war game in 2018 ❤❤❤❤

♥ ♡ The year is 2018 when the world is engulfed in water, humanity search and fight for what little resources are left in the world!

♡ ♥ Take command with loyal War Girls to fight alongside you, as you build and destroy other headquarters with powerful research to build an army of girls! - What are you waiting for admiral? Claim the ocean filled with dark prowlers today!

【Game Features】
❤ Build an Alliance and embark with friends and tactical War Girls abilities to rule the Ocean!
❤ Mini-games with great rewards! Frequent events with free gifts and engaging activities.
❤ Outfit your fleet in your own vision! Make ‘em cute and deadly!
❤ Build equipment to boost combat power and rain down on ocean floor!
❤ Wage world campaigns, plunder resources, and capture other War Girls!
❤ Players vs. Players Epic Wars. Battle it out on a global scale! Friend or foe, you decide!
❤ Explore the world map, seek and attack different Monsters and get precious prizes.
❤Make friends with other players, develop together and fight your common enemies like brothers!
❤No language barriers! Talk to anyone freely with our real-time in chat translation of lots different languages.
❤ Ocean chat, Alliance chat, Personal chat

【World vs Worlds PvP】
Push your limits with the best Admirals around for the ultimate glory to being the number 1 player!

Discord Group:
Recent Updates - Version 1.8.6
  • Fixed several bugs
    New Wargirls: Akagi, Soryu, Akatsuki
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