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Naxeex Superhero

About Naxeex Superhero
Enjoy maybe the best superhero gaming apps! Be a real super hero! Save the town from crime. Join the battle to save your city and fight against an uprising of criminal injustice with Naxeex Superhero. Use an arsenal of super powers like flying and telekinesis to fight bandits.
The new open world is more interesting and exciting for you to explore. With improved
quality of graphics and a completely redesigned 3D city, you get new challenges to take on!
It’s your turn to become a flying super hero! The third-person shooter gameplay, RPG
elements, and impressive map design will provide new gaming experiences every time you play.
Our game offers epic story missions for you to enjoy, as well as survival challenges for
endless excitement. Participate in races, inspect the military base and defeat enemy waves on the arena! Have hours of fun with Naxeex Superhero!
Or if you are into fighting games, you will appreciate this offline super hero fighting game!
Use a large range of melee weapons and go for a face to face combat!
All super powers are available because you are superhuman - the only hope of the city full of vice!
You can fly, climb buildings, drive cars and engage in a variety of missions to get rid of the bad guys out there!
Our super hero game offers you plenty of features:
• Precise and fluid controls.
• Realistic 3D city with racing cars, pedestrians, and skyscrapers.
• Upgradable super powers: flight, telekinesis, eye laser, superkick, and much more!
• Intriguing main quest and extra storylines with great rewards!
• Supercool racing cars, trucks, military tanks, and helicopters transforming into robots!
• Use your superhuman powers to gain a tactical advantage.
• Different districts of the town with various interactable fractions.
• Smart foes will bring a serious challenge for the player.
• Low-performance requirements and small app size.
It's up to you to explore the streets of this superhero city, find all the collectibles in each area
and unlock some cool extras! Don’t miss the airdrop loot chests for bonus rewards!
Check out the best store offers and diverse skill trees - combine your powers and loads of
new weapons for numerous capabilities! The bad guys won’t stand a chance!
City of sin is overrun with crime and a hero needs to save the day. It's up to you to call on
your super powers and help the police get rid of it all.
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 2.4.1
  • Bug fixes
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