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CraftQuest: Empires & Arenas

About CraftQuest: Empires & Arenas
(Early Access)
Conquer enemies in the arena, battle your way through the top and assert dominance!
Start with a tiny village and expand your land. Create the world and shape the landscape. Fire up your forges, and begin crafting and creating items and materials that will bring you riches. Invest in your production to build and expand your city. Turn your empire into a trading beacon and watch your investment grow your trade routes, allowing you to overtake the market and affect the global economy.

Build YOUR city, Forge your EMPIRE, Conquer your enemies
CraftQuest: Empires & Arenas,
an epic city builder game, right in your hand!

⚔️ Idle Arenas just arived!
Develop your character, chosing skills from 9 different classes! Dual-class available!
Gear up! Forge mythic items and get ready to battle!

🔥 NO micromanagement
No time-wasting, mindless tapping on the screen; focus on REAL gameplay! Build, Trade, Fight, Craft, Expand!

🗺️Create your own map
From a vast continent to a beautiful archipelago and anything in between, build your map however you see fit! There is no predefined map, no limit to your imagination.

📈Craft & Trade
Craft myriads of items and dominate the market, or undercut your competition and put them out of business with live trading! It's all about the best deal at the right moment.

💰Live Economy
Can you keep up with the demand of an ever-changing economy? Then, seize every opportunity you can to make the most profit!

🌙Day/Night Cycle
Work might be done under the sun's light, but it is always more romantic under the moonlight!

Compete with other players for awesome rewards! (or show off)
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 2.1.0
  • v2.1.0: Significant perfomrance optimizations have been made in the Map gameplay.
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