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MICS Mobile

About MICS Mobile
From table top drills, to inter-department drills, to push notifications, to real-time assignment completion tracking, and providing after action reporting data, MICS does more than put HICS in the palm of your hand. Leave the binders on the shelves, grab your smart phone, tablet or laptop, MICS has pre-populated FEMA based org charts and job action sheets, that can be customized for each role and each incident.

Natural and man-made disasters challenge a hospital’s emergency preparedness. Despite ongoing efforts over the last decade to provide emergency management leaders with the necessary information and resources for disaster preparedness education and training the reality is, this has yet to be accomplished. To bridge this gap MICS - Mobile Incident Compliance System was created. MICS is cloud hosted software for smart phones/devices with technology to help implement the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) for Healthcare Providers in the palm of your hand. Pre-populated or fully customized incident command organization charts for disaster management, preparedness, response, recovery and training are the foundation of MICS. Progress of assignment completion for Individual roles is tracked and shared real time. Roles, responsibilities and notes can be added as needed, on the fly. MICS contains department and/or facility phone lists, links to local, state or federal emergency program resources. MICS helps to standardize training and responses, provides a format to record and document individual role assignment progress and allows for data collection to supplement After Action Reports. MICS provides real time interaction between team members, logs communication and progress of individuals/groups, and enables the response team to identify areas for improvement.

MICS consists of:

1. The MICS mobile application running on Android or iOS operating systems, through which individual users enter and access information;

2. The MICS Web service API which provides secure storage and access to emergency management analytics and resources; and

3. The MICS Administrative Web Site which provides a browser-based interface for administering organizational emergency management records.
Recent Updates - Version 1.2.6
  • Update libraries
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