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Prevent Cancer:365 Daily Tips

About Prevent Cancer:365 Daily Tips
The Prevent Cancer: 365 Daily Tips app will help you learn about, adopt, and share tips that may greatly reduce your risk of cancer.

Depending upon our age, diet and lifestyle, our bodies make between 200 and 1,000 pre-cancerous cells every day. Statistically, cancer will affect one in three of us. The good news is that major reports published by the World Cancer Research Fund, French National Cancer Institute and others state that at least 40% of cancers can be prevented by simple changes in nutrition and physical activity. Other prominent epidemiological studies show more than a 60% reduction in cancer mortality for those who adopted a healthier lifestyle. Couple that with reducing exposure to other environmental factors and a reported 90 - 95% of all cancers can possibly be avoided!
People may think that cancer is hereditary; however, as well as genes, families pass down habits, environments, and products from generation to generation and these are likely the more common culprits in a cancer diagnoses. Experts estimate that only about 5% of cancer is hereditary.

Cancer is not a disease like a cold, caused by a single germ. It is the culmination of a series of exposures and events that allow and promote development of aberrant cell populations. As well as DNA-damaging carcinogens, stressors such as chronic inflammation and hormone-mimicking chemicals promote cancer. But if you nurture and maximize your immune system, it will love you back by keeping your body as healthy as it can possibly be.

This app will guide you and your family to a longer and healthier life!
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