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Trivia Night

About Trivia Night
Getting bored with the same trivia questions across all the other games? We were too! Jam packed with the types of categories you’re interested in, Trivia Night brings you creatively assembled trivia questions, but asked in more innovative ways. With a wide variety of trivia that wanders through a vast range of different categories, it's the trivia you've been needing in your life.

How is Trivia Night different from the rest? Simple! We found MORE FUN ways of asking YOU all new questions. Ranging from traditional text, to emojis and photos, we’ve assembled a thoughtfully curated collection of trivia that sweeps through questions from easy to hard. And because the questions are often in unique formats, that encourages your brain to find creative ways to connect to the answer. Meaning you have to be clever on some of these!

Take a tour of knowledge with categories, such as:
Music trivia - from Pop to Hip Hop, and Rock n Roll to Jazz, the type of questions range far and wide!
TV Show trivia - we cover all your favorite TV shows! Did you used to watch Cheers or Mash? Friends or Seinfeld?! Breaking Bad or Sopranos?!?
Movie trivia - some cinematic moments are unforgettable…. Or are they? Find out what you remember!
Disney trivia - so how well do you know your princes and princesses?
Star Wars trivia - only the biggest fans will know all the answers to these questions from across the galaxy.
Harry Potter trivia - there’s only one question that matters… Team Gryffindor, or Team Slytherin?
Pop Culture trivia - The 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s… from White Bronco’s to White Castle, it’s a trip down memory lane!

Take the easy ones when they come, and prepare to challenge yourself for the hard ones, because the questions range from easy to wild! And because we know everyone loves to be challenged, but no one likes to swing and miss, we’re here to help you if one of them is a little hard - there are different types of hints at your disposal to help you finish a stage!

- 50/50 takes away two incorrect answers, leaving you with a 50/50 shot of getting the quiz right, no matter what!
- Re-roll gives you a different trivia question (sometimes you need to come back to a challenge, later on in life)
- Solve It for when you want to get right to the answer and just move it along!
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.24
  • Enjoy this release of Trivia Night!
    We fixed some small bugs and crashing issues.
    Please email with any issues.
    Thanks for playing!
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