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RaceDay CheckIn

About RaceDay CheckIn
The RunSignUp RaceDay CheckIn application has the following key features:

- Offline Mode - RaceDay CheckIn will continue to function even with a spotty on-site Internet connection.
- Auto-Sync - The app will automatically sync in the background, allowing you to focus on packet pickup.
- Fast Searching - Once synced, all data is local so you can search for participants quickly by name, bib number, group name, or corporate team name.
- Dynamic Bib Assignment - Simply type in the bib numbers as you hand them to participants on race day.
- Participant Information Updates - Quickly change info about a Participant while checking them in, like their Giveaway selection, name, Custom Question response and more!
- Quick CheckIn - Simply scan registration barcodes with device camera for a streamlined check in experience.
- Audio & Haptic Feedback - Rest assured that you are properly checking in Participants with this feature.
- Label Printer Support - Customize label layouts and quickly print information labels when checking in Participants.
- Waiver CheckIn - Enables you to ensure all participants checking in have signed their waivers.
- Related Registrations ā€“ Allows you to find all the people who registered in the same transaction, are on the same Group/Team, or are all a part of the same Fundraising Team.
- Fundraiser Details - Show progress of Fundraisers towards their goal and your Fundraising minimums.
- CheckIn Presets - You can create multiple presets, and set them on a per-event basis to allow you to customize the checkin experience for each of your events.
- Cloud Preset Configurations - Easily save and upload a set of presets to the cloud for easy access from other devices.
Recent Updates - Version 3.2.34
  • This release provides for the following features and improvements:

    - Support for switching between front and back-facing cameras.
    - Redesign Fundraiser details for donation amounts, goals and minimums.
    - Support for preventing duplicate BIB assignment across all events.
    - Support for editing time-entry registration questions.
    - Improvements on using correct preset for related registration check-in flows.
    - Support updates including SMS Text support line.
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