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Melon Clicker - Tap and idle t

About Melon Clicker - Tap and idle t
Stuck on an alien planet? What better to do than conquer the world with ravenous Space Melons! Tap, mash, and idle your way through the galaxy.

A clicker game with a twist - use your smarts to blast through planets or meticulously cover the entire planet surface in juicy melons and rocket your income.

🌱 Earn upgrades and abilities to uproot the enemy melons dotted through each galaxy to plant your variant as the number one melon type.

🤖 The plant empire will be safe in the hands of the Gro Bots, ensuring all plants are tended to, and all melons are picked.

🧬 Gather plant DNA for passive bonuses and use your melons to unlock triggered abilities rangning from infinite seeds to faster Gro Bots.

🤝 Make deals with Tucker and his mother at Tucker's Space Emporium. Let him keep track of your progress, and use his laboratory as you mutate your melons.

🥇 Earn achievements and compete in leaderboards against other Android players. Use the cloud save feature to play across compatible devices!

🚫 No forced ads, no required in-app purchases, this game was designed with free play in mind. Play how you want!
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.4.7
  • A new planet has opened up; the (new) Greenhouse!
    Tired of constantly farming for cores? Gathered all the dark-cores? Now you can build your own garden! Use dark cores to terraform the land and place items on your very own space-island in whatever arrangement you want.

    This is a bigger update so please email us if you discover any bugs! Just tap the "Developer contact" label below and send us an email.
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