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Relaxing Ultimate Sleep App

About Relaxing Ultimate Sleep App
Say Goodbye to Insomnia 👀 with Top Rated HD Nature & White Noise Sounds & Music

Are you looking for wellness through the gift of relaxation & deep, uninterrupted sleep faster & longer? Just updated & already amazingly popular – The Ultimate Sleep App. Instantly relax your overactive mind, so you're sleeping soundly, getting you ready to take on the day! How long since you experienced that?

✔ No other app on the market will give you access to 24 of the best, most relaxing, ‘HIGHEST QUALITY’compositions created specifically to help you sleep. The composers of our music have received literally millions of views & thousands of positive comments on their respective Video channels. Truly they are the leaders in relaxing music online.

Select from 30 different sounds, many perfect for baby as well as adult & 24 carefully selected melodies. **Recently added – Binaural Beats** (Delta Waves)

😎 Features:

• 30 Sounds – Nature & white noise type – Pre-mastered, high quality stereo recordings.
• 24 musical selections with huge variety of sleep inducing music by 2 leading internet composers.
• Add as many sounds to music as you want to create your own custom mixes
• Save to “Favorites” so ready for next time – create, name, save & then replay
• With timer, play all night or fade after a couple of hours – you choose with Premium
• With Premium, you have your own private alarm clock, which if wearing earbuds, only you will hear and not disturb anyone else.
• Beautiful, simple, easy to use interface – runs in the background while using other apps.
•Try the Premium version out on us with our 14 Day Free Trial –no subscription or signup necessary!

Sounds available: Airplane, Bathroom Fan, Binaural Beats, Birds, Black Noise, Blizzard, Box Fan, Brown Noise, Busy Hwy, Campfire, Crickets, Crowd Talking, Fireplace, Floor Fan, Forest Sounds, Gentle Rain, Grey Noise, Hair Dryer, Heartbeat, Mother’s Womb, Night Sounds, Ocean Waves, Outer Space, Red Noise, River Rapids, Thunderstorm, Thunder-Heavy, Train, Tree Frogs, & Waterfall.

Many background noises to help babies go to sleep by - drown out other family noises so that they can sleep through just about anything. Has a great calming effect.

Music by Peder Helland & Yellow Brick Cinema Music – 6 selections each offered in the free version and 6 more of each additional offered in the Premium version. All have a million or so views on Their video channels with endless comment from listeners thanking them for how it has helped them to sleep or even just relax when stressed or depressed. This music is great to read by, meditate, do yoga, or just relaxing in your favorite chair.

😍 Benefits:

• Invest in yourself & your family to get the best night’s sleep ever. It may take a few nights to find just the right sound/music combo that works for you, but you will be so glad that you were persistent to find what puts you to sleep and keeps you there until your alarm stops the music to make sure you wake up in time to go to work!
• Drown out that noisy person next to you, the neighbor next door, or the dog across the street with sweet sounds that overpower that annoying noise.
• Helps to calm stress, anxiety, tinnitus, random noise that would normally disturb sleep.
• Create your own personalized playlist to suit any mood, increase ability to focus & be creative by removing distractions.
• Soothe your small children to sleep, creating a peaceful sanctuary for you & your family.
• Transform your hotel room into a familiar environment by blocking out unfamiliar noises.
• If you travel, use it on the plane to block out chatter so you can nap.
• If using earbuds, you have your own private alarm clock that only YOU will hear.
• Wake up rested, ready to take on the world.

Download your soothing music & sounds app now for a most relaxing experience! Use the app yourself on your phone and download it to your tablet for the baby’s room! 👍
Recent Updates - Version 1.3.1346
  • Stability fixes
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