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Atom: Meditation for Beginners

About Atom: Meditation for Beginners
Build a lifelong habit of meditation!

The Atom: Build a habit of meditation for beginners app is a 100% Free Meditation App that will help improve your 😇 mental wellbeing & achieve Greater Mindfulness with the help of 🧘 Guided Meditations, Breathing Exercises, Gratitude Techniques, Mindfulness Practices, Positive Psychology, and more.

No ads. No sign ups.
Ads and sign-ups do the opposite of relaxing and calming the users; and that is not what we want you to experience.

Simple design. Easy to use.
A very straightforward approach to building a meditation practice; no clutter, no distraction. Just press play.. It’s as simple as it can get.

Short meditation tracks.
Take a quick break from your daily routine with meditation tracks as short as 5 minutes and recharge with meditation tracks

Forming Habits Was Never More fun!
We apply the power of game design and behaviour science to motivate you on every step. Get rewarded with beautiful, calming trees for staying consistent at your meditations. Your forest grows with you on your journey to daily mindfulness

Atom helps you take just a few minutes of the day to keep aside your worries, relax and enjoy being present and in the moment. We believe in keeping things #Atomic - small, easy, and convenient for people on the go, using technology, encouragement and motivation to build mindfulness in your daily routine.

If you’re a beginner looking for a meditation app to finally start your habit the right way, mindfulness awaits! Even just two minutes of daily mindfulness can change your life, helping improve the quality of your sleep and overall mental health, and keeping anxiety and stress at bay while improving health, happiness and gratitude by keeping you in the present moment.

Our main goal is to make you build a daily habit of meditation. We use self reflection and positive psychology to keep you motivated while you performing our meditations, journals and courses. We help you focus, become happier, lower sadness, improve mood, create a positive mindset, breathe, stay calm, and create more head space. The perfect guide to health and happiness, this app offers work and productivity meditation, focus and body scan meditations, gratitude meditations.

Start your journey towards a calmer, more focused, productive and more present you with Atom’s meditation course!

- A guided 21 day meditation journey to help build your mindfulness practice
- Learn to manage distractions and find your inner calm
- Completely free, no strings attached
- Short and easy daily meditations to help keep you consistent
- Starting simple (with meditations as short as 2 minutes!) and gradually increasing duration as you build up your practice
- Get daily bite-sized insights, motivation with research-backed techniques on how to make your meditation practice into a habit

Atom: Build a habit of meditation for beginners will guide you towards a stress-free, calm and focussed life. This app will help everyone build a habit of meditation, be productive, practice gratitude, manage anxiety and stress, relax and find positivity,

⭐ More mindfulness & inner peace
⭐ Motivation to build a habit
⭐ More gratitude and gratefulness
⭐ Better & Easy Sleep
⭐ Improved Focus & Productivity
⭐ Improve Mood & Emotional Wellbeing
⭐ Helping with anxiety & stress

Atom: Build a habit of meditation has meditation sessions available starting with just 5 minutes, so you can choose perfect length as per your need. You get the following types of meditations:
⭐ Gratitude
⭐ Breath focus
⭐ Noting
⭐ Mindfulness meditation
⭐ Visualisations
⭐ Healing light
⭐ Meta
⭐ Body scan

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