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Blessed: Pregnancy Meditation

About Blessed: Pregnancy Meditation
Discover how fear and pain does NOT have to be part of giving birth. This hypnobirthing program contains effective audios in which you will learn different relaxation techniques, as well as guided imagery and breathing. By using these programs you will cultivate a positive mindset and trust your body for a confident and relaxed birth.

Hynobirthing may:

- Shorten your labour – hypnosis during birth can help to shorten the first stage of labour
- Reduce your need for interventions – a 2015 study found that hypnobirthing moms were significantly less likely to have a caesarean.
- Allow you to naturally manage discomfort – using breathing techniques and positive imagery lessens the need for meds.
- Cause you to feel in control – when you eliminate fear, then you are empowered to focus on being control of your body and your birth
- Result in healthy babies – Apgar scores are generally higher among babies born using hypnobirthing

Start listening to this program today and learn the natural techniques for relaxation and breathing during labour and delivery that will allow you to truly enjoy the experience of bringing your baby into the world.

Now is the time to take control of your body, labour and delivery experience by following this program for a positive birth.

Hypnobirthing is a powerful tool, but it still can sometimes need complimentary therapy or counseling sessions in conjunction with this. As it highly depends on how much work the user is willing to invest this series does not guarantee complete success for everyone.

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