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Strive: Home Workout Planner

About Strive: Home Workout Planner
Strive is a home workout planner and AI fitness coach with a modern, holistic approach for stress relief and better health. With Strive, you get to have your own personal home workout planner!

You will be guided from the very beginning through every step in the journey of making exercise a habit. Strive is more than just body workouts. You will learn to set the right goals, deal with failures, balance challenges and pleasure, and many other essential factors for building a lasting habit and workout calendar.

Strive aims for long-term fitness and health with results that last! Improve your mind and body health, strength, mobility, and vitality.

Workout Program
Do you have strong legs but a weak upper body? Are you flexible but not so strong? No Problem! Strive's artificial intelligence adapts every workout to your unique fitness profile. Several aspects of your physical condition are automatically determined based on physical tests and your history of workout performances while using the app.

A ‘planet fitness’ for better health
Strive's home workouts combine functional training, bodybuilding, and yoga with our proprietary exercises created by our fitness experts. Let's work together to improve your body's health at your own pace, increasing your mind and body health, flexibility, strength, vitality, and much more.

Main features of Strive: Home Workout Planner

Artificial Intelligence Fitness
Unlike any other app, Strive doesn't build workouts based on whether you are a beginner or advanced. You are much more than a simple level. That's why we developed a sophisticated technology that takes more than ten fitness features and 10k fitness profiles into account.

Long-term & Anytime Fitness
The first results are quickly visible, but our goal is to improve your mind and body health in a long term. No yo-yo effect with tortuous short-term goals. Enjoy the path and make fitness a pleasant part of your day.

Focus On Your Wellbeing
Unlike most fitness apps, Strive is not based on outdated beauty standards. Our workout programs are focused on your well-being. Looking fit is a consequence of having a healthy body. Our primary goal is to improve your mind and body health, strength, flexibility, vitality, and overall well-being.

Personal Workout Program
Built by experts, your body workouts are scheduled in a thoughtful manner, ensuring an effective and safe progression. The exercises are then personalized to your fitness profile by Strive's Artificial Intelligence.

Unmatched Variety of Exercises
Our library contains hundreds of unique exercises. To keep things interesting, we developed exercises that mix dynamic and fun-to-execute movements, while still being highly effective. Many of the exercises are exclusive to Strive! Full body, upper body, lower body, abs, strength, endurance, mobility, and much more!

Multimedia Experience
Exercise videos, with audio instructions and tips narrated by voice-over artists, not robots!

Workout Anytime & Anywhere
With Strive, you can work out wherever and whenever. Try a workout outside! Any workout and fitness program will be 100% functional even without internet!

Automatic Tracking
Understand your progress with your history data, summaries, and charts.

Artificial intelligence that learns and adapts to your needs. Make exercising a fun habit - At your pace, at your level!

Take the first step to create a new habit. Install now Strive and enjoy plenty of free content - ENDS SOON!

See in practice all benefits of a modern AI home fitness program and get your personal home workout planner for free. Start working on your mind and body health. Improve your strength and vitality - All workouts are 100% customized based on your current and unique fitness profile! Workout anytime & anywhere - Achieve your long-term fitness goals!
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 5.0.9
  • Added corrective feedback when you don't complete a repetition properly.
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