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ATM Learning Simulator Pro for Money & Credit Card on PC/Mac

Author: Happy Kids Game

Score: 4.5

OS: Windows, OS X, 4.1 +

About ATM Learning Simulator Pro for Money & Credit Card
********* No in-app purchase 100% Free Educational Game **********

Hey Kids! Ever wanted to use your Papa’s Debit or Credit card on ATM Machine to get cash and buy toys like car, football, bear, duck, ship, horses and many more? Here your dreams come true with ATM Learning Simulator Free game.

Kids would love to act like adults and what could be better than handling cash and shopping. ATM Learning Simulator for kids gives your little ones a chance to learn to withdraw money from the cash machine and go to supermarket to purchase toys.

ATM simulator allows you to pretend to use an ATM machine to take out money.
ATM cash and money simulator game is free to use.
learn how to withdraw money from the cash machine.
get your pretend credit card and code.
use the credit card to get cash.
produce gold coins and bills at the factory.
shop with the money at stores.
withdraw cash just like in a real bank
not a real ATM , just a ATM simulation.

ATM Learning Simulator Pro

Come on and let’s have your own spooky bank account, debit card, credit card and draw money from ATM machine and go to supermarket mall shopping head towards toy store in this ATM Learning and supermarket grocery and toy story simulator. There is no need to check the account balance. Enjoy mobile banking and transact the amount you want from the cash machine for better money management in this kids fun casual atm card machine simulator and supermarket grocery shopping fun mania.

Game Play

In this supermarket cashier register management pro, go to your bank and take out your debit card & credit card. Put the debit card in the ATM cash machine and enter your pin code for learning perspective in this cash machine register management free game. Select your payment mode, account status and add the amount of money you want withdraw. Your transaction is completed; take your money from ATM machine. To make this game more adventures and exciting further you can online buy toy, food items, ice cream and many other things, fun isn’t over yet! Go to the superstore, for your winter and toy shopping fun free grocery store kid’s girl’s game. So withdraw your cash in dollars and go for shopping. In this fun and education game kids will learn to deal with money and pay the cash cashier by themselves.


★How to open new bank account
★How to apply for debit card
★How to apply for credit card
★Withdraw Money from ATM Automated Teller Machine
★Go to supermarket grocery store to buy different items
★How to use credit card
★Be Cashier and stamp and sign checks
★Apply for locker to place your jewelry and documents
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.8
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