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Would You Rather? Classic on PC/Mac

Author: Viral Games For Everyone

Score: 4.2

OS: Windows, OS X, 4.0.3 +

About Would You Rather? Classic
Play the classic Would You Rather as you never had played before. Would You Rather was popularised by YouTubers, they play this game on their videos and those are really popular. The methodology of the game is pretty simple, just choose between one of those questions and compare your choice with the rest of the world, sometimes results are pretty awesome ! You would never say that people would choose an specific reigns choice.

This trivia game contain many questions, those are partially created by our community. Are you ready to take this challenge? This is a continuation of our popular game would you rather.This either type of game is the one played by the vast majority of youtubers doing the youtubers life.


- Would You Rather? Play the classic mode
- Would You Rather? Guess mode. Not choose what do you want, just guess other people choice.
- Would You Rather? With friends. Create a battle simulator and then smash or pass your friends, share the conundrum and laugh together, senpai
- You Laugh You Lose mode will be available in the next update

- Comment questions with the community
- See the results in real time, tap on the spinner for a quick check
- Create your quiz trivia questions and share those with the royale community
- Follow your created questions (would you prefer and either style)
- Report inappropriate questions

Purchase questions and get thousands of results in minutes, party hard and be careful when writing your questions, put special emphases on grammar , take into account that other people will read your questions and you don't want they think you are an idiot, right?
We would appreciate if you try to do capital letters on your questions. For example Mr.President instead of mr president, you will find further instructions in-game.

Would you rather was inspired by youtubers as pewdiepie , jacksepticeye and markiplier , similiar to our other game bottle flip challenge which was also inspired by them so in case you are one of them please feel free to use this game for your videos.

This new version of the game does not contain many ads , we really hope you enjoy this new version.
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.8
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