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Dangerzone - 3D Space Shooter

About Dangerzone - 3D Space Shooter
Dangerzone is a 3D space shooter inspired by retro arcade games like Space Invaders. Dangerzone offers an interesting enviroment, an appealing design, pleasing aesthetic, a variaty of weapon power-ups, a multitude of enemies and stunning music & sound effects.

The weapon system of Dangerzone is divided in two categories.

A primary canon for laser projectiles, rockets, laser beam, bullet spread and much more.
A secondary canon to fire fusion bombs.

* Left touch button to move spaceship to the left.
* Right touch button to move spaceship to the right.
* Upper right touch button to shoot fusion bomb.
* Collect cubes to upgrade your primary weapon for laser projectiles.

* Amazing lighting and special effects
* Global leaderboards.
* Boss battles.
* Primary canon upgrade (Laser projectiles).
* Outstanding space levels with interesting challenges.
* Impressive graphical and design features.
* Stunning audio.
* Classical gameplay.
* Power-ups.
* Levels of difficulty (4 difficulty settings).

Dangerzone is an unique Alien Galaxy Space Shooter in its own way and is like no other.
You won´t regret playing it. Have fun.
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.8
  • Momentum on spaceship has been eliminated.
    Auto fire has been built in.
    Illumination of enemy bullets has been increased for better visibility.
    Navigation has been updated for a better user experience:
    * Left touch button navigates ship to the left
    * Right touch button navigates ship to the right
    * Upper right button shoots bomb without load bar
    * Buttons have been positioned down for easier use
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