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About PortraitWorks
PortraitWorks™ makes it easy to create great custom portraits for your fantasy characters.

Players - Bring your D&D character sheet to life with a unique portrait.
GMs - Make your NPCs more real and memorable to help your players connect with them.
Authors - Create unique illustrations for your book or adventure module. (Publisher license for commercial use available separately.)
Artists - Quickly make reference portraits as a starting point for your own illustrations.

Each character portrait can be customized with:
- Millions of unique faces combining individual features and hairstyles, representing different races, ethnic groups, ages, and genders
- Outfits put together from multiple layers of clothing and/or armor
- Gear and weapons appropriate to a wide range of character classes and professions
- Hair, skin, outfit, and nearly all items can be individually colored

Export your portraits for use on a character sheet, virtual tabletop tokens, printing on a mug or tshirt, or anywhere else you want to show them off.

The free portrait creator lets you make an unlimited number of customized human portraits. Expansions unlock other races and add choices for outfits, armor, weapons, gear, familiars, add backgrounds, and more. (Many of the portraits shown here take advantage of expansion artwork.)

Get the look of hand-drawn art from this DnD portrait maker for your elf, halfling, gnome, or any other character.
Recent Updates - Version 0.267.0
  • 1.1 FC9

    New Features & Changes:
    - High Definition Export.
    - Screen Tips
    - 3 expansions (Masterwork Tools and 2 races) were moved into the free app to provide a better initial experience for new users.

    Issues addressed:
    - Armor editing was very slow on some devices
    - Favorites sometimes duplicated after restoring
    - Multiple other bugfixes
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