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McAfee Security: Antivirus VPN

About McAfee Security: Antivirus VPN
Protect your phone and identity with McAfee Security’s all-in-one online protection service. Receive smart security for your mobile devices with 7 days of free protection, including Secure VPN and guidance on how to improve your online safety.

Our privacy protection solution protects your personal data and devices against viruses, spyware, and identity breaches. Detect spyware and prioritize your safety with our award-winning Antivirus software, Secure VPN, Identity Protection, and WiFi Scan.

Avoid virus threats when browsing online and receive alerts for security breaches. Our private VPN connects automatically so you can feel safe wherever you go. Receive private internet access and hide your IP address with our VPN proxy. Prevent identity theft and secure email addresses, bank cards, IDs, and passport numbers against malware attacks with Identity Protection.

Mobile security for up to five devices simultaneously, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs. Our virus cleaner and industry-first Protection Score can help secure the most critical parts of your online life. Protect your privacy by taking suggested steps - scan WiFi networks, resolve data breaches, or enable Antivirus protection.

Feel confident in your online safety both at home and in public. Our WiFi scanner analyzes networks and informs you if they are secure. Enable Secure VPN or disconnect from your network to avoid data breaches.

Stay protected and private with McAfee, the most trusted name in online and mobile security.


▪ Anti-malware and spyware protection with our award-winning Antivirus and virus cleaner
▪ Virus threat protection for your personal files, apps, and downloads
▪ Our virus scanner detects and removes any security and privacy threats
▪ Prevent identity theft easily and feel confident knowing your devices are safe

▪ Our private VPN offers bank-grade WiFi encryption, keeping you and your family safe
▪ Secure VPN protects against unsecured WiFi hotspots and public networks
▪ IP Proxy allows for a safe browsing experience wherever you go
▪ Privacy protector: Connect to different countries to change your location & IP address

▪ Scan online data and monitor your personal activity for security breaches 24/7
▪ Smart security app with safety alerts and tips on how to secure your info quickly
▪ Secure and monitor up to 10 email addresses, ID numbers, passport numbers & more
▪ Receive private internet access and identity protection for up to five devices

▪ Block malware attacks from websites automatically so you can browse safely
▪ Secure web experience with alerts to protect you from risky sites & links
▪ WiFi security: Scan any WiFi network or hotspot and receive alerts on its safety
▪ WiFi scanner analyzes networks and ensures a safer online connection

▪ Identity protection is made easy with our industry-first Protection Score
▪ Improve safety online by reviewing the score of your monitored personal data
▪ Protect your data & boost your score by taking suggested steps, like resolving breaches
▪ Privacy app personalized to your habits - learn how to adjust your online activity

McAfee Security makes it easy to stay safer online. Download today and protect your privacy.



McAfee Security - Free
▪ Single device protection
▪ Antivirus Scan*
▪ Wi-Fi Scan
▪ Identity Scan

McAfee Basic Protection
▪ Single device protection
▪ Antivirus*
▪ Secure VPN**
▪ Basic Identity Protection**
▪ WiFi Scan
▪ Safe Browsing

McAfee Total Protection
▪ Multi-device protection (up to 5 devices)
▪ Antivirus*
▪ Secure VPN**
▪ Advanced Identity Protection**
▪ WiFi Scan
▪ Safe Browsing

*Our Antivirus and virus cleaner is only available on PCs and Android devices
**Not all features are available for all devices or locations. See System Requirements for additional information.
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  • Our latest improvements deliver stronger protection and refined experiences to make your online security safer and easier.
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