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POGO Route Planner

About POGO Route Planner
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The ultimate delivery route optimization software.

Strategic, sophisticated delivery route optimization software designed to grow your business faster.

Delivery route planning software designed to simplify your business and optimize your profits.

There's no easier way to plan your distribution and delivery routes than with the POGO app.

Optimize every delivery with our innovative route planner app.

Planning the perfect route has never been easier than with the easy-to-use yet sophisticated POGO app. We take the planning and logistics off your hands to focus on building your business.

With our route planning software for deliveries, POGO takes the guesswork out of planning the most cost and time-saving way to tackle every delivery your business has.

Join the delivery route optimization software revolution with POGO today and enjoy the most advanced route planning software on the market!

Get faster deliveries, reach more customers, save time and money every step of the way.

POGO helps your drivers utilize the shortest routes, avoid traffic and delays, and quickly find packages to create a stress-free delivery process from start to finish.

We have helped businesses revolutionize over (number) deliveries using our advanced route planner process.

Some of the incredible features on the POGO app include:

Real-time traffic and delay updates complete with instant route recalculation. Helping drivers finish up to an hour early every day.

Seamless GPS integration with Google Maps, Waze, and others.

Plan your entire day of delivery for every driver in a matter of minutes.

Prioritize deliveries at your office and instantly update every driver it affects.

Set delivery windows for packages to deliver on schedule.

Choose the length of time you want to spend at each stop.

Get instant and accurate estimated arrival times.

Pogo is the ultimate routing delivery software designed to simplify your delivery operation. We have solutions that are easily interchangeable and built to fit the specific needs of your business, from automating your routes and assigning drivers, and more POGO is user-friendly and sophisticated.

You can choose to use our advanced automation features or arrange the routes yourself using our easy-to-navigate interface that allows you to change routes and instantly sends updates to every driver on the Pogo app. In addition, see exactly where every package is with our real-time Pogo package tracker.


Field management solutions that work.

With our sophisticated app, drivers can find addresses fast and ensure that every route is optimized for on-time delivery, which saves your business money.

Change of plans?
Add packages or pickups in seconds with our route software platform and automatically update every driver to save even more time.

Need to drop a package at a particular time? POGO Route Planner has a time window and priority setting to make sure you arrive at your destination on schedule.

Navigate your way. With seamless Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze integration, every driver can choose their preferred navigation and stay on track.

Why choose POGO?

Innovative Technology
Our sophisticated platform is designed to be the most advanced route planning software on the market and built to help you plan effective routes, reduce the traffic time for every driver, and ensure the ultimate satisfaction of every customer.
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Recent Updates - Version 4.0.0
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