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Egg Farm - Chicken Farming

About Egg Farm - Chicken Farming
Want to become a billionaire in poultry farming business? Egg Farm-Chicken Farming simulation will provide you this chance in your smart phones. By installing this game you will enter into the world of business tycoons where you deal in chicken and hen farming. You will be razing chicken in your farm and once they will be grown up you have to sell them in market. You have to transport chicken, hen and eggs in the market as a real transporter. Animal farming has always been a profitable business since many yearsThis is a free game for smart phone users.
Once eggs will be hatched by the hens, you have to load eggs on a truck and have to drive towards the market as a driver. In this game, you will feel yourself in a village environment. You will start your business with a little farm and you can make it big by earning money by and selling eggs and hens. You can say “My Farm” in this game in real sense. This chicken farming simulator will start with a small farm where limited number of chicken can be kept. With time you will earn money and can buy big farm from that.
This game is different from other farming games in multiple ways. You will be given option to keep hens and chicken together in your farms. In start only chicken farm will be unlocked. After earning some specific money you can unlock hens farm as well. Hens will be kept for eggs but cannot be sold. Only chicken will be sold in the market. Multiple type of boasts will also be offered to the player.

***** How To Play *****

* User has to tap hen and chicken buttons to create hens and chickens
* These hens and chicken will go to the egg farms
* There hens will hatch eggs and chicken will grow
* Once capacity of farm is filled, You can sell that one and can buy a big farm
* You have to drive a vehicle from farms to market to sell eggs and chicken.

***** Features of Egg Farm – Chicken Farming *****

* Realistic 3D models of hens and chicken
* Excellent hen farm environment
* Smooth drive of vehicles
* Earning by selling chicken and eggs in the market
* Multiple boasts will be offered to the user.
* Option to increase capacity of already build farms
* Become a virtual billionaire by doing this business.

Enjoy this amazing faming game and give us your valuable feedback at .
Recent Updates - Version 1.0
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